Jewellery Repair

Bent, broken or damaged? We can professionally assess your piece of jewellery and recommend a course of action to restoring your jewellery back to its former glory.

Commonly through day to day wear and use your gold and silver rings will get bent or misshapen from holding on rails or just driving in your car. We can reshape your precious keepsake back to its original form and comfort.

Broken and cracked pieces should only be repaired by a qualified jeweller with the necessary skills and tools to fix these issues. Refraining your ever so zealous partner from utilising glues or solders to fix them will only make the repair more difficult and costly.

Resizing your favourite pieces is also an option depending on the original piece and how it was crafted. Bring them into for an inspection and a consultation if you want to wear one of your favourites again.

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Professional Assessment

Viewing and inspecting the piece before any action is taken is paramount to maintenance and repair of your jewellery. A qualified inspection should identify existing and future problems of your piece from general wear and tear before they happen. This also means checking the gemstone claws for strength and weak solder joints in constructed pieces.


Utilising a breadth of experience and specialised equipment the best of care will be taken to the repair of your precious pieces. Gemstones may have to be temporarily removed if piece requires work in certain sections which heat may damage the stones.


Once the repairs are complete, the piece is polished back to its original state and gemstones are set firmly in place so there is no risk of losing them. With proper care and maintenance the piece should last generations to be handed down.

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