We offer a truly unique service to those that want the added touch of originality. Our lapidary services allow us to custom cut and design gemstones and material to any desired shape. With 1,000’s of faceted designs and access to premium rough material a truly unique piece will be hand crafted from your hand picked rough material.

Our specialised skills also allow us for the repair, re-cut and polish of your gemstone in the unfortunate event that it is knocked and damaged. If you wish to know more about how we can help recover your special piece, please find the link below to the enquiry form.


Selecting Rough

Selecting the rough is a key ingredient to how your gemstone will turn out. Depending on the design or the colour required this can be one of the most challenging aspects of faceting any stone. Experienced eyes can only determine whether the rough will be clean enough and cut to the desired shape.

Creating a Design

With the rough in hand, a design is carefully chosen, created or modified to apply to the gem material. Meticulous angles are calculated for the best of brilliance and light return from the material as well as weight retention and cutting out inclusions that might affect the final appearance. These are all carefully considered before cutting or polishing begins.

Cutting and Polishing

With both the design and stone at hand, a time honoured tradition of polishing the gem material begins. With gentle accuracy the material is slowly worked to bring out its full potential as a gemstone. Finally finishing on a 100k diamond grit to give the best of polishes any gem material can have.

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