To have a truly unique piece crafted for yourself or that someone special, we offer the option to have your keepsake tailor made and crafted while working with a professional designer,The process begins with a few key important aspects that we have you identify by filling out our form or talking to us, so that the creation of your special piece will begin to evolve.

These elements are then drawn upon to start the design process, utilising both hand drawn and CAD illustrations to ascertain a direction and develop into a final form.

Once the design is finalised, production of your piece will begin. Utilising ancient gold and silver-smithing techniques, the design will come to life exhibiting the qualities of a handmade and finished piece.

Discover the quality and attention you deserve!

Design Phase

Put your mind at ease while working through the design process with an experienced jewellery designer, addressing all your budget, fitting and aesthetic concerns to achieve a personal and unique design that will be cherished by your loved one

Hand Crafted

After working with the designer finalising your custom make, it is passed through to our skilled jewellers who will apply their centuries old metalwork hand-skills to manufacture your piece with passion and care.

Delivered Quality

You can rest assured that after our craftsman have applied their finishing touches to your piece that with proper care and maintenance it will last a lifetime

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