CAD/CAM Modelling

Our CAD modelling service will take our experience of jewellery making and 3D modelling to allow for durable and long lasting solid designs that will stand the test of time introducing a new level of detail.

With a combination of various CAD/CAM modelling software, our team can bring to life your napkin sketch or custom design to a reality through the power of modern technology.

This 3D model now serves as the blue print to hand-making for the added touch of quality or it can be used for the added speed in modern manufacturing techniques. A preliminary wax model can be supplied and tested as a courtesy to you.

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Taking on board your description and enquiries an illustration of the design is roughly conjured up for the modeller to begin the process. Using their experience from the jewellery bench and casting processes, various sections and parts will need to be altered to work further on in the process.

3D Model

Once and illustration is complete a 3D Model is carefully developed from the hand drawn sketches, modifying and altering the style and design while being able to view it from any angle. This process is repeated upon request up to 3 times if a client wishes to make changes. Eliminating frustration and disappointment on a completed piece of work.


With a complete and selected design, it is apart of our service to provide a realistic representation of your design that will be achieved. Again using modern software and the power of photo-realistic renderers you will now see how your piece will be look after its fabrication processes.

3D Print

After the design is finalised from any further modifications, 3D printing technology is utilised and a castable model is created. This can take several hours to a day for high detailed and resolution prints. Using the most modern of equipment and materials to achieve this new style of rapid manufacturing.

Precious Metal Casting

Great care is taken in preparing your 3D printed model ready for the precious metal casting process. With soaring temperatures and in a safe working environment your 3D model will come to life through the ancient process of casting. From here your design is taken back to the bench for its final stage.


After the casting process is complete, the object then undergoes a stringent process of hand finishing to achieve the desired polish and setting of stones. Processes of strengthening and hardening are added to casting to make a longer lasting piece.

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