Inspired by the collection of The Powerhouse Museum

Works produced for this exhibition were all submissions and few finalists selected with respect to a brief developed by The Powerhouse Museum Sydney, each of the works were inspired by inanimate objects or machinery and the technology from within the collection on display or throughout their vaults which consists of thousands of objects.

Each of the works were designed through a personal connection or expression of the objects that connected with the designer and some simple or very elaborate pieces of jewellery and objects were created.

Other Exhibitors

Ellie Godworth | Teya Jay Lehne | Nikolai Thaarup-Proesser | Shelly Jam | Lucy Badge | Rose Creagh | Carly Lay | Penny Spankie | Marissa Ziesing | Danielle Lo | Nao Hirata | Ji Sue Choi | Nadya Van Ewyk | Stephanie Monaghan | Lucy orton | Emily Copp | Jie Ying

Riley Concannon | Luke Abbot | Roni Judge | Rebbecca Jones | Somboun Phonesouk | Caroline Alexander | Cheree Edwards | April Farago | Melissa Cragg | Leonie Simpson | A Ra Ko | Soari Kita | Kinah Choi | James Knutson | Su Kyung Lee | Elin Hammarstrom | Gretal Ferguson | Stephanie Botero | Soon Been Kim

Australia, Sydney – 2011

Stanley Street Gallery

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