Arcanum, the title of this year’s exhibition, encompasses both the seeking and finding of knowledge, the resolution to a mystery.

It is human nature to be captivated by the unknown. By nature we are inquisitive and driven to find explanations, work out puzzles and to discover solutions to problems, simply by asking ‘why’.

The feeling we generate when no answer presents itself to our ‘why’ can best be described as a sense of deprivation. Needs that have been left unfulfilled sees some strive harder and sees others give up. It can result in either satisfaction or disappointment.

These students are not members of a secret society, withholding their knowledge acquired over a number of years. Instead they wish to share with all of you what they have discovered. What is revealed for the curious visitor to the exhibition is not only the ancient art of metalworking. The manifold techniques and amazing materials used but also the student’s ability to reveal their self: visible in the concepts embedded in the work, noticeable in their story telling, recognisable in their particular approach to making, discernable in their technical solutions and distinguishable in their preference of materials, colour, texture, scale and function.

Should you in viewing the work be mystified and curious enough to start exploring and asking why, much of the student’s intention will have been achieved. Whether you recognise the intended meaning of the works on display or not, is neither here nor there, as by engaging with their work you have given students the encouragement needed to continue with their pursuits in this field.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”
— Albert Einstein

Catherine Harrington
Head of Section, Jewellery And Object Design, Design Centre Enmore

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Riley Concannon | Roni Judge | Rebbecca Jones | Somboun Phonesouk | April Farago | Kinah Choi  | Sukyung Lee | Gretal Ferguson

Australia, Surry Hills – 2013

Paramount Building

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