Ethical Jewellery

All my designs are created from fair-trade sourced materials, but what really do these terms mean? Ethical, Fair-trade, Sustainable, Eco-friendly are all terms that we hear everyday and how do they apply to a shiny rock and a piece of metal?

All jewellery is not ethical jewellery and claiming as much is an extremely hard goal to achieve in an industry that relies on so many parties that come together to create your keepsake. From the raw materials and the many hands they may pass through to the fabrication process that finishes your polished piece. I’ve outlined the challenges we face in our industry and how we endeavor to deliver the most ethically considered jewellery on the market.

The Jewellery Piece – Our Adornment

Where is it made and how is it made?

The Maker

Your Jeweller, The Maker, Designer, Gold-smith, Master, Alchemist a person who likely wears many hats and has spent years if not decades learning about the industry they are part of. These persons responsible have garnered the knowledge over time passed down from maker to maker in an ancient tradition that spans thousands of years,.

It is our guarantee that your jewellery piece is locally crafted in Australia, manufactured by our designers and jewellers, supporting the local industry, the craftsmen and their families. We are ethically conscious when sourcing all the materials required to produce your piece, and acquire them from only the most reputable traders and dealers.

The Materials

Choosing the right materials to use for your design and any piece of jewellery creates another hurdle in sourcing from environmentally responsible mining operators and metal producers

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