About the Designer

Having studied Jewellery and Object Design at the Design Centre Enmore and HIKO Mizuno College of Jewellery in Japan, I have garnered a greater appreciation for contemporary design and the elements that make up the wearable we choose to wear.

Designer Rationale

Whether they are for day to day wear, the fancy occasion or a momentous celebration. Jewellery has the ability to transform our character and exude our personality.

In trying to create an irreplaceable piece I have taken to finding my inspiration by voyeuristic-ally feeding on society from combining the natural environment and man-made elements to create distinct wearable forms. Particular features found in the evolution of the animal world of line, texture, colour and volume all coalesce to give birth to a final form crafted in traditional and contemporary materials.

Breathing life into these pieces by incorporating the natural elements allows us as individuals to connect with the pieces at varying levels finding suitability to our style. This inner emotion and desire can now be worn like the colours of a feather, the scales of a skin to harmonise our unique existence.

These vast array of niches, all to which have unique and inspiring ideals that lend to my designs. In developing a piece they each represent a fresh challenge that allows me to create and apply a unique identity that will connect with us individually.

Simple; Bold; Elegant or outright Ostentatious jewellery expresses volumes about us as people than consciously we might give recognition

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